Kimberley Hall

writer & prop stylist

Kimberley Hall

Writing for a living is my oldest and dearest dream, I’m lucky that it’s also my reality…

Piecing together storybooks (usually about cats) under my duvet, lit by the warm glow of a torch, I dreamt of being a writer. Long before I had read Virginia Woolf, I wished for a room of my own; decades before walking the pages of Walden I longed for a cabin in the woods with nothing but birdsong and the gentle sigh of a stream to disturb my train of thought.

Entropy is the only certainty in life, and with this in mind, I chronicle the fluctuations of the everyday in articles for the website Folklore. Broadly speaking, these are lifestyle articles with more than a little nod to philosophy and the existential, but I aim to elevate the everyday with a natural leaning towards a literary, dreamlike style. I have utilised this same style to tell stories from the coalface of minimalism in a couple of features on

Descriptive tendencies aside, I put my BA in History and all the skills it taught me to good use by researching and writing articles for an international charity. These are more journalistic in character than my other work, but I can’t help but infuse each piece with a little of my own style.

Working as a stylist happened as a natural fusion of storytelling and photography (a lifelong pursuit). When assisting a photographer friend on a shoot, I found myself lowering the flashgun to tweak a few little bits here and there, maybe accenting something with another prop or hurriedly constructing something from nothing (my strangest creation in this regard was a miniature sheep-pen made from triangular-cut sandwiches and chocolate fingers). Before I knew it, I was setting the creative direction for shoots and have worked with a local charity on their product catalogue, and with a purveyor of the finest bespoke cupcakes on her new website.

Whatever the challenge, I hope to bring my descriptive flights of fancy and eye for detail and colour to your next project. If you would like to work with me, tell me a little about yourself and your project here.

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